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Building better businesses over breakfast.

The structure of each workshop is familiar. The content is not.

Typical agenda of every "Let's Grow My Biz" workshop:

  • Casual networking over complimentary breakfast & coffee.
  • Ice Breaker to get to know each attendee a little better.
  • Guest speaker/s will provide insights based on their expertise.
  • The Founder/CEO of Krative will perform a live workshop.
  • Q&A
  • Wind-down & last-minute networking.
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    9AM - 12:00PM
    New Haven Chamber of Commerce

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    9AM - 12:00PM
    75 carter Drive, Guilford CT

  • May Event

    500 Winding Brook Drive, Glastonbury CT

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Presented by Krative

A brand marketing firm focused on helping passionate business owners achieve their goals.

The Key Presenter

Rick Callahan, founder and CEO of Krative, LLC, is passionate about helping small business owners grow their business.

"I love what I do. I want to help others do the same. By putting on these workshops to educate and inspire business owners, I feel I can do my small part in helping our community grow."

- Rick Callahan - Founder & CEO, Krative, llc.

  • Rick Callahan, CEO & Founder of Krative, llc.
  • Krative


The forces teaming up to help you grow your business.

Speaker 1

Rick Callahan

Founder/CEO, Krative, llc.

Speaker 2

Ihssane Khatib

Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual

Speaker 4

Mike & Maria Keiser

Founders, The Entrepreneur Circle


The most important details.

  • How much does this cost to attend?

    Absolutely nothing. You will only invest your time into learning from the pros while networking with other business owners.
  • Will there be food?

    Yes. Food will be provided free of charge for attendees. We will provide several choices for those with dietary restrictions. We will also provide coffee, tea, juice, and water.
  • What should I bring with me?

    Bring your A-Game. Be prepared to think about your business in a new light. Each workshop is focused around different topics and may require you to come prepared with a few materials. It is best to review the details for the specific workshop you are attending. Otherwise, bring a notebook & pen to take notes and plenty of business cards to share!
  • Is there a dress code?

    This is by no means intended to be a suit and tie affair. However, if that is what you feel comfortable in, then by all means have at it. These workshops are meant to be a relaxed environment where every attendee is comfortable enough to express themselves and engage the lesson or brainstorm at hand.
  • May I bring a guest?

    Due to the limited availability of seats, we ask that all guests register via this form. You are more than welcome to invite anyone to Register that you feel may benefit from these workshops.
  • Will you sell my information that I use to register to third parties?

    No way! Your data is solely for the purposes of "Let's Grow My Biz". We are providing these workshops for the benefit of business owners in the local region. There are only two benefits to us putting on these events: 1) We make our presence known in front of potential clients who may want to work with us in the future. 2) We feel great knowing we're helping the local business community.


These partner organizations are, in part why we're able to put on these events.